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Custom aftermarket seats can be compared or described by comparing three characteristics: style, performance (comfort and fit) and craftsmanship. Saddlemen makes the best looking, most comfortable and highest quality seats available anywhere.

Comfort, a prime concern, is not the only consideration when purchasing an aftermarket seat. Seating position, custom styling (changing the bike’s image), and replacement of a worn or damaged saddle or the addition of options such as integral backrests are also important. There are many reasons and times that a custom seat is considered for purchase and Saddlemen has products to exactly match these needs.


The shape and design of the saddle is a key element in the styling, or personality, of a motorcycle. A custom seat is the quickest, easiest and most significant cosmetic change that a bike owner can accomplish. For example, various low profile seats can quickly give a custom, chopped or drag look while studs and conchos provide a nostalgic demeanor. Plus, seats can be quickly changed; one day a motorcycle can have a mean street prowler look and be a comfortable long distance cruiser the next. Saddlemen seats can match or enhance any bike’s personality; seats are available in all shapes and styles, from low profile, slammed designs to stylish two up and even long distance touring models. Saddlemen offers multiple trim variations, including conchos, fringe, studs and cover selections. They have a custom look for every style and rider preference and all of these styles can be complemented by Saddlemen luggage with matching trim.


Because the motorcycle manufacturers continually provide uncomfortable seats as standard equipment, aftermarket seats are designed to provide increased comfort. Saddlemen make high performance, comfortable saddles because of a combination of their exclusive SaddleGel™, newly formulated Black Magic™ foam and carefully shaped contours that fit the driver and passenger. Well-contoured seats that float the riders’ weight over a large area are the primary reason that Saddlemen seats are special.

SaddleGel™ uses an exclusive formulation developed by Saddlemen and has been developed over the years to provide superior support and to dampen road vibrations. SaddleGel™ is especially beneficial for thinner seats where foam alone is not sufficient to provide comfort. SaddleGel™ designs are firm – to maintain seat shape but at the same time are compliant (soft) enough to allow the seat to automatically adjust shape (conform) to equally support each individual’s unique body form. Saddlemen seats are firm, but not hard.

Saddlemen uses a deep saddle with a steep back to provide the lower back support necessary to eliminate fatigue and discomfort. Riders feel like they are floating in the seat, rather than being perched on top. Plus, optional driver backrests are available on many styles. Their backrests are adjustable for height, angle and fore-and-aft position. The seats also gently prevent the rider and passenger from sliding forward without forcing a fixed riding position. Saddlemen uses its premium Black Magic™ foam and SaddleGel™ combination because it must perform three simultaneous functions. First, the foam/gel cushion must conform to the rider’s butt to equalize pressure. Second, it must separate the rider from the hard and uncomfortable frame. Third, this gel and foam cushion must act as a shock absorber to dampen out road bumps and vibration. Along with features, the Saddlemen cushion is durable, lasting for many years and miles; indeed SaddleGel™ is guaranteed for life. If it ever deteriorates or fails to perform, it will be replaced free of charge!

Seating position and individual physical variations such as height, weight and arm or leg length is also critical. Saddlemen seats provide ample room for most riders, but also offer their Take Charge™ seat with a forward and lower seating position made for shorter riders.

Saddlemen Aftermarket Seats

Craftsmanship and Construction

Saddlemen uses only the best materials and craftsmen to manufacture our saddles. Each cover is carefully hand sewn, and artisans with years of training assemble the seat. Only the best materials, developed by years of experience and testing to withstand the harsh elements of sun, water, road grime, and gasoline are utilized. These materials are specially created for durability, carefree use and comfort.

Saddlemen uses two basic cover materials. The first, Saddlehyde™, stretches in four directions to accentuate the comforting feel of the SaddleGel™ based cushion, it’s easy to maintain and is very durable. Motorcycle seats require special cover construction; the best are designed for stretch and compliance. Simply, stiff vinyls or thick leather are uncomfortable because they mask the cushioning effect of the foam. Second, the soft leathers used by Saddlemen are comfortable, luxurious and attractive – features that many believe are worth the extra cost and care required.

The seat bases under most original seats are made from a thin, flexible polyethylene plastic that provides inadequate seat support. Saddlemen seats use rigid molded ABS or hand laid fiberglass that provide the strength needed for a quality saddle. And all seats with the optional backrest are built on specially reinforced bases that offer a lifetime warranty.

Although cover materials and base plates are important to building high quality seats, the exclusive Black Magic™ foam and SaddleGel™ construction is the most important component for comfort. Saddlemen uses molded foam that utilizes a closed cell outer-wall that defines the foam shape and seals the open celled inner chambers against dirt and other contaminants. This combination of open cell foam for soft comfort and dense closed cell walls for support is superior to all other foam designs. SaddleGel™ is molded in place during the foaming process and will never leak, displace or wear-out with heavy use; that is why it carries a lifetime warranty. The combination of SaddleGel™ and foam out performs and out lasts all competitors’ products.

SaddleGel™ and Black Magic™ foam are both specially formulated to Saddlemen’s exacting specifications and their formulations are carefully guarded. Because of the exacting quality standards and desire to keep formulas and manufacturing processes secret, Saddlemen foams and gels are made only in our facility, hidden beyond competitors prying eyes. Other foams and gels have been offered by many seat companies, but none have the comfort, durability and quality of Saddlemen products.

Saddlemen Aftermarket Seats

More Reasons to Consider Saddlemen

A custom aftermarket seat is a wise alternative to a stock original replacement. When the original seat starts to go away, it is time for an aftermarket seat. Saddlemen seats are very competitively priced. Their seats offer superior value, style and great performance compared to an original factory replacement. But, make no mistake; a better seat can not be bought at any price!


Custom seats by Saddlemen offer the industry’s best combination of style, comfort and craftsmanship; all at a fair price. Their selection of models, trim variations and styles meet the needs of the most demanding riders. They have the perfect seat for you or your customer.

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